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López Pigueiras in "La Cité Musicale" (Paris).

As of today, 25 April 2016, we are embarking on the work for one of the most emblematic projects of the "Hauts-de-Seine" Valley of Culture on Seguin Island: "La Cité Musicale" (the Musical City).

Work began on the project−designed by the prestigious Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban, back in July 2014. The structural work was finally completed in March, giving way to the construction of the geometric reticulated wooden structure covering the exterior of the auditorium and the inner halls, where we are present.

The products we are working with are American oak and Oregon pine, oiled with OSMO hardwax-oil. The most significant aspect of our product revolves around the soundproofing, crucial in the halls, and fire performance (in line with the French fire performance regulations DTU Bois Feu 88. Spanish fire performance regulation: UNE EN 14342).

In the words of Patrick Devedjan, President of Hauts-de-Seine, the project will be the the “gateway to the Valley of Culture”. Seguin Island will be established in the new cultural-ecological district rising like a phoenix from the abandoned Renault factories on the island lying the middle of the River Seine (Paris).

With a total area 300,000 m2, the island will offer a wide ranges of activities related with art & culture, leisure and well-being: concerts, exhibitions, permanent and temporary installations, parks, gardens, restaurants, etc. Without a doubt, one of the most ambitious and referential projects of the new European cultural and artistic space, and of which we are delighted to form part.

CIMU, Paris - Shigeru Ban from Morph on Vimeo.

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